Chapter 8: Bringing it all together

Now you know the 7 steps.

In the previous chapters you learned about the individual 7 steps. In this chapter I will use real-world charts to show you how these 7 steps come together.

As I already said at the beginning of this course: knowledge isn’t enough to be a good trader. You will learn your most important lessons when you apply this knowledge, learn from your mistakes. In this chapter I will show you how to apply this knowledge by practice. Do like I did, go practice with this knowledge everyday for 2 months. This knowledge will become your second nature, and you will be making very wise trading decisions. 

This chapter is packed with many real-world examples. Study each one carefully, so you are ready to start practicing yourself:

In this chapter we have combined all the 7 steps, necessary to make a balanced trade decision. In order to find the trading opportunities with the highest probability. But trading is not only about finding the best trades, it is also about managing risk. Many experienced traders even tell me profitable trading is only about managing risk. 

In the next chapter you will get an in depth look into Risk Management.

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