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Custom Indicators

In my method I prefer to use a couple of custom(ized) indicators.
These are FREE for my students:

Position Size Calculator

In Chapter 9 you learned about Risk Management. Risk management and Position Sizing go hand in hand. As you already know, I have build a custom Position Size Calculator, to give my students an extra edge.

Final Word

Now is the perfect starting point for you to start practicing for yourself, and take it to the next level. Do not set the bar too high for yourself. Start with a really small amount, like $10, so no strong emotions, but nevertheless a real market, with real price action. I advise people to never use more money than they can afford to lose. Trading is not about putting your money into the market, it’s about how to get money out of it.

The most important take-away: It’s not about big steps, but about smart steps. It’s not about how fast you are, or how much money you make, but that you take each precious step carefully and consciously.

Don’t become insecure by losing trades, they WILL happen. But become a better trader because of them. Learn from your mistakes. So your losses will make you feel even more secure the next time. This means you have grown. Don’t focus on the profit, focus on being true to your plan.

Just remember: Never skip a step, or you might fall.

If you have a direct question, feel free to email me at:

(I can’t give trading advice, but I can answer questions about the way I trade)
I will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Happy trading!

P.s. Please also mind my disclaimer and copyright notice.