Are you new to crypto, and have no idea what this is all about?


A short but thorough breakdown of the groundbreaking technology that made cryptocurrencies a reality.


Did you know psychology is one of the biggest reasons many traders fail to be successful.
I will give you some practical tips to avoid some common pitfalls.


Losses are an integral part of trading, and those who spend most of their thought processes trying to figure out how to trade with the fewest losses, don’t “get it”. Learn to handle the one thing you are in complete control of: How much risk you take and the size of losses you take. Then the only thing you will be left with will be profits.


With Technical Analysis we try to find trading opportunities using statistical data based on price action. Technical Analysis starts at the highest level, that of a whole market. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of Technical Analysis.


One of the most important aspects of Technical Analysis are Supports and Resistances.
Learn how to use them,


Trendlines are easily recognizable lines on charts. You draw them to connect prices together.
They give you an approximation of the direction of a coin.


After you read this lesson, you will be all up to speed to understand all kinds of chart patterns.
Chart pattern studies play a big role in Technical Analysis.


Most traders use candlestick charts these days. Mostly because of the load of information they convey.
Each candlestick includes an open, high, low and close price for that particular timeframe.


Learn the most used candlestick patterns. They are used by the majority of traders in a wide range of trading systems. All these patterns have a self-fulfilling nature, as traders see them and anticipate on it.
And that is a positive thing.


Indicators, tools such as moving averages and MACD, are used by traders to analyze historical prices, predict future trends and provide trade signals. 


Divergences are “leading signals”, and as such show us an early warning!
It occurs when price and an indicator move in opposite directions.
And is actually one of my favorite signals.


Elliott Wave Theory is an analysis method based on the premise that markets consist of recurring wave patterns, that are fractal in nature. It states that these cycles are based upon crowd psychology of traders and investors.


Fibonacci retracement is a popular tool among traders. Many retracements and Elliott correction waves seem to respect Fibonacci based levels as support.


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This gives you a good idea what you can expect in this course.

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