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My name is Carl, 40 years old. 3 Years ago I was diagnosed with one of the deadliest types of Inherited Cancer. My doctor told me I would die within the next 4 years.
Today, 3 years later,  I am still here. The doctors are happy to tell me the worst is over. Right now I am a successful crypto trader. 
How I did it? 🙂 Read on…

My life was turned upside down. I was the first in my family to get this inherited disease, it came out of the blue, and totally devastated me. I was in agony. I had always lived healthy, how was this possible? 

The doctor told me it is a very rare disease and that it just was “bad luck”. In that same year I lost my job at the company I had worked at for more than 10 years. My misery was complete.

Since I was diagnosed with cancer I have gone through 3 large surgeries. Among other things my large intestine was totally removed. At this moment the doctors are happy to tell me the worst is over and I am probably clean. I still have one major surgery left to do within a  year.

In those times of troubles, tied to my home, and uncertain about my future, I started to read about cryptocurrencies. Soon I was obsessed by its potential and thought it could be our way out of this misery. 


As I was constantly tied to my home, trading from behind my own computer at home made me feel like I wasn’t handicapped at all.

I watched every video on trading, read every book on Technical Analysis, read all I about crypto I could get my hands on. Eventually I became profitable on a constant basis. It felt like I climbed out of a black hole and was regaining control of my life and destiny again. 

(The darkest clouds have a silver lining, to remind you of what lies beyond…)

I have spent more than 2 years combining, testing, comparing, and consistently updating my trading method. Now I consider it to be my most profitable and highest probability trading system. You don’t need to spend 2 years like me to find a winning system. Life is too short for that, and besides I am ready to pay it forward now.  I share everything I have discovered in my course.

You don’t even need a degree in finance to be a profitable trader. In my journey I came along many profitable traders, who began trading because of a handicap, or they lost their job, or some other set back. Many tell me the same story, that the hard times were necessary for them to get into the right mindset

I like to call it the Hero’s Journey
All you really need are 3 things: 

  • common sense (a realistic plan)
  • discipline (stick to that plan)
  • patience
My journey was hard. When I first started reading about cryptocurrencies my life was filled with a lot of pain and despair. But nevertheless I was very motivated to regain control of my life. At first I believed in the existence of some kind of holy grail, a secret trading tool used by all successful traders, some sort of magic formula. I got excited about each new tool I found, but losses were all I came across, I was really put to the test
There is what I would call the Hero Journey …
Where you stumble, there lies your treasure …
– Joseph Campbell
I lost myself in all the indicators, strategies and trading methods. I was hopping between all kind of methods. But all failed to continuously deliver promissed results. In these times I lost my starting capital multiple times. But I didn’t give up. I had made serious progress in my fight against cancer, and after a long recovery from a major surgery, I had also made a lot of progress in my pursuit of trading mastery. Eventually I evolved my own profitable trading system.

In reality the most succesful trading system I developed, wasn’t a single indicator or formula. I never found the answer in a single tool. At the end I found what I was looking for in the relationship between certain tools. The way in which these tools complement eachother in a significant way is the actual secret. I found the holy grail in the fact that there is no ultimate tool and that more is not always better. What matters is the right combination of the right tools.

It took me more than 2 years of searching, a lot of trial and errors, hundreds of setbacks, to build my perfect trading system. A tough journey. Today I am ready to share with you the bounty of this journey I have gone through. Luckily, I will spare you this distress, because what I am going to share with you in my trading course will save you a lot of time, money and frustration.

A well defined system that teaches you how to read the charts the right way. So you know what to look for. A simple trading method to consistently achieve success. That’s exactly what I have for you!

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